The accomodation & tariff

Our 450sqm house has 3 levels. Downstairs offers an open plan living space with a wood burning stove. On the 2nd level are the guest bedrooms. We have four of these and the house can comfortably house 10 or more. All are ensuite and 2 have a private terrace. All are individually styled. Our posh morrocan suite boasts a copper bath in the middle of the room, and offers a mezzanine level with a library area and a view of the mountains. On the top level of the house we have a ‘chillout’ room and a group room of 57sqm available for yoga and other suitable activities.
The style of the house is individual and rustic, with cement floors, exposed granite and unpainted plaster all with a twist of ethnic influence.
Prices start from 55 euros for a double room inclusive of breakfast. Discounts are available for stays longers than 2 nights. It is also possible to hire the entire house.
Workshop leaders are invited to contact for group prices.

copper bath Moroccan suite
Indian Elephant room
Oriental room
Jasmine room

Our rooms;  Please click on the following links to view images

Moroccan suite

Oriental Room

Jasmine Room

Indian Elephant